About Us

Northstar Contrators LogoNorthstar Contractors LLC has built a reputation since 1992 as a well respected, professional construction service provider.  At Northstar, we approach each project with an understanding that no two projects are alike.  We take the time to build a relationship with each of our customers to get a full understanding of their desires, expectations and goals for the project. From inception to completion we provide a team of highly qualified professionals for each of our construction projects.

Construction Management:
Northstar offers a full construction management service.  We provide a team of professionals who coordinate and regulate the entire construction process.  From initial planning to “turning the key” – our goal is to ease our customers through the construction process.

Design/CAD Drafting Service:
Whether working in conjunction with an architect or working with an owner’s idea, Northstar offers a complete design and drafting service.  We utilize only the newest AutoCAD software version to assure the best level of service.

Construction Engineering/Quality Control:
Northstar assigns a construction engineer to every project.  The construction engineer is responsible for providing all technical support and layout needs to assure both the homeowner and the designer that all work being performed is in accordance with the drawings and design specifications.

Quality Craftsmanship:
Northstar is committed to providing highly qualified experienced craftsmen for each of our projects.  These talented individuals are encouraged to think innovatively for construction solutions to bring the project to life.

We at Northstar are proud to be a member in good standing of the following professional and business organizations: